Historical Demographics Including Total Enrollment Trends

SBA 8th Grade ELA

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SBA 8th Grade MATH

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Historical and Projected Revenue Sources (General Fund) In Dollars Per Student

Historical and Projected Revenue Sources (General Fund) In Total Dollars

Historical Compensation Information


  • District Admin. includes duty titles of Deputy/Assist. Supt., Director/Supervisor, Other District Admin.
  • Principal includes duty titles of Elementary Principal, Secondary Principal
  • Teacher includes duty titles of Elem. Homeroom Teacher, Elem. Specialist Teacher, Other Teacher, Secondary Teacher
  • Total Salary = Base Salary + Supplemental Salary
  • Total Compensation = Total Salary + Insurance Benefits + Mandatory Benefits
  • Mandatory Benefits include pension funding and payroll taxes

Historical Compensation for Selected Duty Titles

Total Compensation Distribution For Teachers For The Last Two Years

Total Compensation Distribution For District Admin. And Supt. For The Last Two Years